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江苏昆山科瑞恩总部建筑方案-工厂厂房建筑设计-北京纳间设计公司 sustainable factory architectural design

Architectural Design | Automated Industrial
建筑设计 | 智慧之自动化厂房

courtyard-style factory building


2020 China Jiangsu Kunshan

2020 中国 江苏昆山


The factory buildings of the production base, besides serving as sustainable structures, can also be very garden-like and poetic!

This is a project of an automated factory located in Kunshan, Jiangsu Province. The local design institute has already provided a preliminary plan for the owner.

Upon receiving the design brief, Naijian Architecture reevaluated the relationships between the buildings based on the previous planning scheme. While maintaining the same volume area, the relationships between the buildings were reorganized, resulting in the creation of a central enclosed courtyard. See the following illustration.




sustainable factory design 可持续性工厂建筑规划设计

After the re-planning, although the volumes of the buildings are different, we feel the need to unify the overall corporate image. So, we use sunshade curtain walls to 'tie' each building together.


sustainable factory facade design 可持续性工厂幕墙外立面设计
skylight for sustainable factory 可持续性车间采光顶设计

Afterwards, we will connect the lonely small building originally intended as an exhibition hall with the main building, forming an entrance where the exhibition hall serves as the main building.


sustainable factory entrance design corporate gallery 可持续性厂房入口设计 企业展厅

Then we will design the roof of the production workshop building according to the angle of incidence of the winter solstice sun in Jiangsu, allowing winter sunlight to enter while blocking partial summer sunlight, so that the workshop can utilize natural daylight during the day throughout the year, reducing reliance on artificial lighting and energy consumption.


sustainable factory skylight for winter sun 冬至入射角采光顶车间

On the first floor of the workshop, there is a transparent glass curtain wall, connecting the interior of the workshop with the outdoor garden visually, allowing the greenery outside to reflect into the workshop.


bringing green in sustainable factory 将绿植映入车间

In the exhibition hall between the main building on the east side and the annex on the west side, a connecting corridor is constructed between the two floors, serving as both a gallery and an inspection workshop.


viewing gallery for sustainable factory 工厂视察展廊设计

In the center, we have established a social-type green inner courtyard.


central garden courtyard 厂房中央庭院花园
central courtyard central socialised staircase 中央庭院中央社交楼梯

To provide employees with a better working environment, we have added a sports field and rooftop garden, promoting employee interaction and physical and mental health. This is the non-quantifiable sustainability that Naja Architecture has always pursued. Buildings are always built for people.


sport facilities for factory workers 为员工设的运动设施
green roof garden for factory 工厂绿化屋顶

In ground planning and implementation, there is a segregation between pedestrians and vehicles, with the ground becoming fully pedestrianized. However, the usual approach is to create a cold and dark underground parking lot. In order to create a safe, well-ventilated, and bright underground space, we dig holes on the ground to bring light and air underground, while further planting greenery and trees on the underground level.


sustainable factory architecture design 可持续性厂房建筑设计