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About 關於 AND lab 纳间建筑设计 アンドラボ 建築とインテリア | Contemporary Commercial Architectural & Interior Designer Singapore & Beijing

Founded in 2012, today AND lab has grown into an international design firm with operations in Singapore and in Beijing. We are specialists in architectural, interior, landscape, environment interface and branding.



Founded and led by Tokyo-trained designer, Clarence Chia, today AND lab has grown into an award winning Asia-Pacific design firm with operations in Singapore, Malaysia, China and Indonesia. We are specialists in architectural, interior, landscape, environment interface and branding.

Our strength is in innovating spatial typology that enhances social and branding values. Our team is built with talents with diverse backgrounds and specialised areas such as architecture, landscape, interior, lighting, branding, visuals, marketing, computer coding etc.

We research, analyse, design, prototype and, finally, deliver excellent results that our works are often featured in international web and print media.

In 2016, AND lab was shortlisted as finalist for SBID International Design Award 2016 in UK.

In 2019, AND lab received the renowned IF DESIGN AWARD 2019 in the discipline of Interior Architecture.

In 2024, AND lab was named a finalist in the IIDA Will Ching Design Competition in US.

AND lab 纳间建筑设计事务所最初由日本东京毕业的谢典杉成立于北京,今天已发展成为一家在新加坡,中国和印度尼西亚都有业务的国际设计公司。主要从事商业类,办公类,儿童教育类,酒店类,住宅类及医疗类的建筑设计,室内设计及品牌设计。




在2016年,AND lab 纳间建筑设计事务所获选入围伦敦SBID国际设计大奖决赛。

在2019年,AND lab 纳间建筑设计事务所在室内建筑组获得著名的IF设计大奖。

在2024年,AND lab 纳间建筑设计事务所获选入围美国IIDA Will Ching国际设计大赛决赛。

Singapore-based SBID International design award finalist, AND lab, architectural design studio
Singapore-based IF DESIGN AWARD 2019 winner, AND lab, architectural design studio

Our Services


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景观设计服务, and lab singapore, landscape design
室内设计服务, and lab singapore interior design, corporate interior, office renovation, office interior
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