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Interior Design | Performing Art Training Centre
室内设计 | 表演艺术培训中心

Art Plus Children's Performing Arts Center


2015 China Beijing

2015  中国 北京


The small houses and surrealistic murals are just a small part of this children's performing arts education center in Beijing.


Designed for children aged 3 to 12, "Art Plus" in Beijing includes not only typical ballet, music, and piano rooms but also a stage performance theater and a large multipurpose hall. In addition, various-sized cottages are scattered throughout the space, allowing children to freely explore and enjoy various activities during breaks between classes.


We want to create an art village. We want to create a space that can unleash children's imagination.


We've overturned the traditional setup of cramming classrooms in rows. Instead, we've created a space rich in fun and exploration. We visited many similar children's education centers to understand the classroom procedures for children and the behaviors of parents.

颠覆了传统补习中心似的设置-不要一排一排拥挤的课室,我们创造了一个富乐趣供探索的空间。 我们参观了很多类似的儿童教育中心,以了解孩童上课的程序和父母的行为。

Noise is a significant consideration, and we have contemplated various optimal soundproofing solutions. We realize that the cottage-type structures are the best method for preventing sound from propagating through vibration, as each cottage is independently separated. For adjacent classrooms, shared walls are fitted with soundproofing materials. For small theaters with higher acoustic requirements, soundproof acoustic panels are installed on the walls. All classroom windows are double-layered.

噪音是一个很大的考虑因素,思考了很多隔音的最佳解决方案。 我们意识到,小屋子类型是阻止声音通过振动传播的最佳方法,因为每个小屋独立分开。对于相邻的教室,共用的墙内装有隔音材料。对于具有较高声学要求的小剧场,墙壁上都装有隔音声学板。所有教室的玻璃是双层的。

We have installed double doors with a vestibule concept at the entrance to enhance security. In terms of material selection, we also prioritize child safety. For example, we choose laminated glass instead of regular toughened glass, so even if the glass breaks, it will not shatter onto children.


Hygiene and ease of disinfection are another important consideration for spaces of this type. In order to facilitate disinfection and reduce the impact force when children fall, we chose to use Forbo's linoleum flooring, which is an environmentally friendly plant-based material that is easy to maintain and care for.


Chinese parents - like parents anywhere in the world - enjoy watching their children in action and often peek through classroom windows from outside. In this project, we deliberately used one-way mirrors as windows so that parents can observe from outside the classroom without causing any disturbance.

中国的父母 - 像世界上任何地方的父母一样 - 喜欢看孩子的行动,经常从外面通过教室窗口窥视。在这个项目中,我们特意采用单向镜子作为窗口,以便父母可以从课堂外观察,但又不会造成干扰。

Hoping to further attract children through art and expand their imagination, we collaborated with Beijing surrealist illustrator Alice Lin to create a series of murals on the exterior walls of the cabin.

希望通过艺术进一步吸引孩子,扩大自己的想象力,我们与北京的超现实主义插画师Alice Lin合作在小屋的外墙上制作了一系列壁画。

We don't want stereotypical cartoons that meet common expectations in this space. We hope to provide more space for imagination rather than imposing the logic constraints of adults.



Art Plus Children's Art Training Corporation




Jonathan Leijonhufvud


Jonathan Leijonhufvud