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Team 團隊 AND lab 纳间建筑设计 アンドラボ 建築とインテリア | Contemporary Commercial Architectural & Interior Designer Singapore & Beijing

The Heroes behind our great works

The CORE heroes behind


Clarence Chia   


Director (Singapore Branch, China Branch)  

M.Eng (Arch), Tokyo Tech           

B. Arts(Arch), NUS                       





Changing from Biomedical major to Architecture, Clarence approaches design in a humanistic way. Having travelled to various cities across Europe and Asia and worked in different cities, e.g. Tokyo, Zurich, Singapore and Beijing, he accumulated a great understanding on how urban & environment determining the way people interact. Hence, he likes to study urban spatial typology and considers how it can improve the way people can interact and social.

On the other hand, Clarence also has great passion in the poeticness of Japanese design. After graduated from National University of Singapore(NUS), his passion drove him to pursue his master degree in Tokyo Institute of Technology under Prof. Yasuda Koichi with JASSO scholarship.  During his study in Tokyo, he worked part-time in Kengo Kuma and Associate. He also received exchange scholarship from Switzerland government for ETH Zurich and entered Prof. Christian Kerez's studio. After graduation, he joined Riken Yamamoto & Fieldshop and accumulated rich experience.

In 2018, Clarence was invited to teach Architecture in Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) as Adjunct Assistant Professor.



Clarence对日本设计的诗意也有着极大的热情。从新加坡国立大学毕业后,他的热情驱使他以JASSO奖学金前往东京工业大学安田幸一研究室攻读硕士。在东京的学习期间,他还在隈研吾事务所兼职。之后他获得了瑞士政府交换奖学金到苏黎世联邦理工学院,在Christian Kerez的studio学习。毕业后,他进入山本理显事务所积累了丰富的工作经验。


Shirla Tse


Director (Singapore Branch)  

M.Arch, MSA                 

B. A(AS), HKU                






Shirla has 10 years of practice experience in London, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Beijing, and currently Singapore for projects in different scales, while she has been holding core design studios in academics for over 3 years, and involved in architecture and urbanism research at Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD).

With a demonstrated history of skills in aviation, retail and mixed-used developments commissioned by esteemed clients and local government bodies, her works emphasise integrated design with innovation in technology – in built form, façade and structure systems by means of digital tools and computation such as BIM and generative algorithms.

Shirla 拥有 10 年在伦敦、上海、香港、北京和新加坡不同规模项目的实践工作经验,同时在学术领域上,她在新加坡科技与设计大学(SUTD)担任客员讲师教授建筑学,并参与建筑和城市规划研究 3 年多。

受国际尊敬的客户和当地政府机构委托,Shirla 在航空、零售和混合建筑设计中具有成熟的技能历史。她的作品通过在建筑形式、立面和结构系统中进行数字工具和生成计算,强调集成设计美学和技术创新。

Jeffrey Soegeng

Director (Indonesia Branch)



董事 (印尼公司)



Jeffrey has a keen interest in the capacity of architecture and design to improve humans’ lives. Graduated with a BPD (Arch) and a M Arch from the University of Melbourne, he worked in Peckvonhartel as an intern during his studies. During his master degree he was also an exchange scholar to Tokyo Institute of Technology with a JASSO scholarship.
Upon graduation he established the Indonesian office of AND AG in his hometown of Semarang. His projects include renovations, interior design, and architectural design in hospitality, commercial, and residential projects.





Yohana Winarto

Director (Indonesia Branch)

B.Arch, Universitas Katolik Parahyangan

Dip.ID, Holmesglen Ins.

董事 (印尼公司)

Graduated with a B Arch degree from Universitas Katolik Parahyangan in Bandung, Yohana spent 3 years working in the architectural firm Antono Sally Rekan in Tangerang before moving to Semarang to establish her own practice. She added interior design to her repertoire by joining the Diploma of Interior Design program in Holmesglen Institute in Melbourne. She joined AND AG in 2013 and worked on various interior and architectural design of commercial, hospitality and residential projects as well as master planning. She is particularly interested in creating new and bespoke architectural solutions and technical innovations.


毕业于万隆的Katolik Parahyangan大学。Yohana在三宝垄设立事务所之前曾在Tangerang的知名建筑师Antono Sally Rekan事务所工作了三年。除了建筑学士,她更曾远赴墨尔本知名Holmesglen学院进修室内设计。


Maya Kobayashi


Associate (China Branch)

M.Eng (Arch), Tokyo Tech

B. Arch, Tokyo Tech




Maya had lived in 8 countries and worked in Japan, Denmark, Italy and the U.K. She is interested in architectural design that considers what the user would see and feel in every moment and every spot he is when inside or near the architecture. She is also conscious of how the passers-by would feel, having the architecture take part in their environment. She believes a good design does not come solely from logic, so an architect must strive to choose the best form, material, and detail from all the possibilities by testing and simulating with images and models. An imagination of how the scenery would evolve, as one walks around the architecture, as a day passes, as the seasons change, and as decades pass, plays a vital role in the decisions of architectural design.


Maya 曾在 8 个国家生活过,并在日本、丹麦、意大利和英国工作过。她对考虑了用户在建筑内部或附近的每一刻和每一个地方的所见所感的建筑设计很感兴趣。 她在意当建筑参到我们的环境时作为路人的感受。 她认为好的设计不仅仅来自逻辑,因此建筑师必须通过测试和模拟图像和模型,从所有可能性中选择最好的形式、材料和细节。同时想象风景将如何演变,例如当一天过去,季节变化,几十年过去,其中人的感受,这都在建筑设计的决策中起着至关重要的作用。