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Team 團隊 AND lab 纳间建筑设计 アンドラボ 建築とインテリア | Contemporary Commercial Architectural & Interior Designer Singapore & Beijing

The Heroes behind our great works

The CORE heroes behind



Clarence Chia

Principal (Singapore / China)

设计主创 (新加坡 / 中国)


Clarence Chia is a multiple award-winning designer with a wide range of experience including residential, commercial, mixed use, institution, industrial park, interior and environmental signage design. His works are featured in multiple international magazines and media such as FRAME, ArchDaily, Onoffice, INDESIGNLIVE etc. He had not just travelled to many cities in Europe and Asia, but also lived and worked in different parts of the world, such as Tokyo, Zurich, Beijing and Singapore.

Graduated with a B.Arts (Architecture) from National University of Singapore, he further pursued his M.Eng (Architecture) in Tokyo Institute of Technology under Yasuda Lab with a JASSO scholarship. He was also an exchange scholar to ETH Zurich in Christian Kerez's studio.

While still in Tokyo Tech, he worked in Kengo Kuma & Associates as intern and involved in Nezu Museum. After graduation, he joined Riken Yamamoto & Fieldshop and was involved in The Circle in Zurich and Wanbao Hotel Development in Taiwan.

Later, he moved to Beijing and founded AND Lab.

Clarence is a registered graduate architect with Board of Architects in Malaysia and his work, ART VILLAGE, was shortlisted as finalist for SBID International Design Award 2016. He was recently invited as guest to speak at Mediacorp Radio Station FM972 in Singapore.

He was invited and appointed as Adjunct Assistant Professor in Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) in 2018.

In 2019, he received the renowned IF DESIGN AWARD 2019 in the discipline of interior architecture.


谢典杉在无论在住宅,商业,综合体,院校,工业园,室内及导视系统都有丰富经验并多次获奖。作品经常刊登于国际知名杂志及媒体如FRAME, ARCHDAILY, Onoffice, INDESIGNLIVE 等等。曾周游欧洲及亚洲多个城市,并生活及工作于东京,苏黎世,北京及新加坡。

毕业自新加坡国立大学建筑系学士后,他获得日本JASSO奖学金前往东京工业大学建筑学大学院安田研究室就读硕士。留日期间,获得瑞士ETH联邦理工大学奖学金到苏黎世Christian Kerez研究室进行交换留学。

在东工大期间,他在日本著名隈研吾事务所实习,参与了根津美术馆的项目。硕士毕业后,他进入日本著名的山本理显事务所,参与了苏黎世The Circle和台湾万宝酒店等项目。

之后,他移居到北京,设立了AND lab/纳间建筑。

谢典杉是马来西亚注册毕业建筑师。他设计的ART VILLAGE,被提名智慧设计项目SBID2016国际设计大奖。最近也受邀作为室内设计顾问嘉宾上新加坡972电台的访谈节目。


在2019年,他获得著名的IF DESIGN AWARD室内建筑组设计大奖


Jeffrey Soegeng

Principal (Indonesia)

设计主创 (印尼)


Jeffrey has a keen interest in the capacity of architecture and design to improve humans’ lives. Graduated with a BPD (Arch) and a M Arch from the University of Melbourne, he worked in Peckvonhartel as an intern during his studies. During his master degree he was also an exchange scholar to Tokyo Institute of Technology with a JASSO scholarship.
Upon graduation he established the Indonesian office of AND AG in his hometown of Semarang. His projects include renovations, interior design, and architectural design in hospitality, commercial, and residential projects.






Yohana Winarto

Principal (Indonesia)

设计主创 (印尼)


Graduated with a B Arch degree from Universitas Katolik Parahyangan in Bandung, Yohana spent 3 years working in the architectural firm Antono Sally Rekan in Tangerang before moving to Semarang to establish her own practice. She added interior design to her repertoire by joining the Diploma of Interior Design program in Holmesglen Institute in Melbourne. She joined AND AG in 2013 and worked on various interior and architectural design of commercial, hospitality and residential projects as well as master planning. She is particularly interested in creating new and bespoke architectural solutions and technical innovations.


毕业于万隆的Katolik Parahyangan大学。Yohana在三宝垄设立事务所之前曾在Tangerang的知名建筑师Antono Sally Rekan事务所工作了三年。除了建筑学士,她更曾远赴墨尔本知名Holmesglen学院进修室内设计。



Kuan Kee Onn

Branding Associate



Kee Onn has accumulated rich experience for the past 17 years across advertising, branding design to website design. He had worked for international advertising and brand consulting companies such as Saatchi & Saatchi, LANDOR, GREY, Leo Burnett, ModernMedia etc.

The brands he served include BMW, Lexus, Bentley Motor, HP, Sony Ericsson, IKEA, SOHO China, RenRen, UNICEF, Kirin Beer Brewery etc.

He is in-charge-of branding strategy and VI for commercial projects.


Kee Onn在过去17年从广告,品牌设计到网站设计积累了丰富经验。与他合作过的国际广告及品牌顾问公司包括Saatchi & Saatchi, LANDOR, GREY, Leo Burnett, ModernMedia等。

他服务过的品牌包括宝马, Lexus, Bentley Motor, 惠普, 索尼爱立信, 宜家, SOHO中国, 人人网, UNICEF, 麒麟啤酒等等。



Michael Wong

Visual Associate



Michael Wong spent 16 years as an ad agency art director and creative director. In the late 90s, he worked for leading agencies such as Ogilvy, BBDO, TBWA, GREY and Saatchi & Saatchi. He had won over 50 creative awards over these period.

After his directorial debut for Lenovo ( a viral video campaign that was used in markets such as India, Russia, Eastern Europe, South East Asia, Hong Kong and Taiwan.), he decided to move onto filmmaking. Since then, he has been making the truth appealing for brands such as Unilever, Mercedes-Benz, Citroen, IDO Jewelry, Johnson & Johnson, Foton Daimler, Samsung and Mengniu.

He is in-charge-of visual direction and its technical aspects for commercial projects


Michae担任了16年广告公司的美术及创意总监。在90年代末,他主要服务于广告公司如Ogilvy, BBDO, TBWA, GREY与Saatchi & Saatchi,期间他赢得了50余个创意奖项。

在他处女指导的联想广告疯传之后,他决定投身于导演工作。从此以后,他为品牌如Unilever,奔驰,Citroen, IDO珠宝,强生与强生,Foton Daimler, 三星,蒙牛等创造了突出的形象。


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