AND Lab Office Interior Design Project Featured in INTERIOR DESIGN Magazine Highlights Expertise in Office Renovation

Beijing - AND Lab is excited to announce that one of our recent office interior design projects has been featured in INTERIOR DESIGN Magazine. Our team's ability to transform workspaces into functional and visually stunning areas is showcased in the project titled Welsend Southwest Work-ground HQ - an unauthoritarian office.

The Welsend Southwest Work-ground HQ - an unauthoritarian office project was a collaboration between our designers and the client, who had a clear vision of their office's design aesthetic. Our team worked closely with them, creating a space that enhances the workflow and provides a pleasant and productive work environment.

The INTERIOR DESIGN Magazine feature highlights the key design elements of the project, including the use of modern and sleek design, creative use of space, and lighting solutions. The article includes insights from Clarence Chia, our lead designer, discussing the challenges of office renovation and the rewards of transforming spaces into innovative and functional workspaces.

"We are thrilled to see our work recognized by INTERIOR DESIGN Magazine," said Clarence Chia, founder, and lead designer at AND Lab. "Our team's ability to collaborate with clients and transform workspaces is something we take pride in."

The feature is now available to read on our website, where visitors can learn more about the Welsend Southwest Work-ground HQ - an unauthoritarian office project and view additional photos of the space. We invite you to take a look and see how we can transform your office into an innovative, productive, and beautiful workspace with our office renovation and interior design services.

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AND Lab室内设计项目在《室内设计》杂志上获得刊登,突显我们在办公室设计方面的专业能力

成都- AND Lab很高兴宣布,我们最近完成的一项办公室室内设计项目已经被《室内设计》杂志刊登。该项目名为“万声西南城市总部”,突显了我们团队将工作空间转变为功能性和视觉效果惊人的区域的能力。


《室内设计》杂志的特别报道突出了该项目的关键设计元素,包括现代和时尚的设计、创意使用空间和照明解决方案。文章还包括我们的首席设计师Clarence Chia的见解,讨论了办公室设计的挑战以及将空间转变为创新和功能性的工作区域的回报。

AND Lab的创始人兼首席设计师Clarence Chia表示:“我们很高兴看到《室内设计》杂志对我们的工作给予认可。我们团队与客户的紧密合作和将工作空间转变为创新和高效的工作区域是我们引以为豪的。”