If you haven’t look at Google’s and Facebook’s offices around the world, you are bound for some serious office-envy. They are often vibrant and colourful, which is a huge contrast from the standard colour scheme of big corporate offices. They also inspired many other startups to follow suit. Startups around the world have begun to turn their offices into inspirational spaces that boost creativity. Let’s take a look at some office designs that would make you want to work at a startup.


#1 Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo…

Google and Facebook have utilized colours to create a more fun and vibrant working space. Colours help to create certain kind of mood and increase productivity. For instance, exposure to both blue and green has been shown to enhance performance on tasks that require generating new ideas.   Other startup companies have also made use of the same idea to brighten up their work space with a splash of colours. Who won’t want to work in a space that always feels fun and energetic?


Company: Liveperson (Source: Office Snapshots)


#2 Less is more

Forget about office cubicles- The pigeonhole that trapped us all day long without talking to anybody. To encourage more sharing and bouncing of ideas, startup companies have gotten rid of cubicles and replaced them with long and wide tables. Now you can always ask the person next to you for some opinions or where to eat for lunch later.


Company: Moment Cam (Source: Singapore designer, And lab)


#3 No more going to Starbucks

With the hustle and bustle going on in a big office, it can be quite difficult to settle down and think for your next project. ''The most creative ideas aren’t going to come while sitting in front of your monitor,” said Scott Birnbaum, Vice-President of Samsung. Some people go to places such as Starbucks for the thinking space. The good news is that Startup companies have created thinking corners for people who need that extra space to generate new ideas. Say goodbye to Starbucks and hello, more money!


Company: Yipit (Source: Office Snapshots)


#4 Your mum won’t scold you for this

Got an idea? Write them down on the wall. Startups have designed their office to be collaborative of some sort. They placed chalkboard or writable glass panels around to encourage people to scribble ideas on them. This removes the need to get a meeting room with whiteboard. And this time, tell your mum you are paid to write on walls.


Company: Moment Cam (Source: Singapore designer, And lab)


#5 All work and no play

….makes YOU a dull person. In an industry where creativity is what keeps the company going, startup companies don’t want that to happen! They created playing and gaming rooms for people to take a break from work. A game or two of table tennis will get your blood flowing. Maybe you will be more inspired for your next big project! This fact is further affirmed by Huge's global executive creative director, Jason Musante who said: "When you’re dealing with a creative block, the best medicine is to stop working on it." Yes, looking at your computer all day is not going to help. 


Company: Foursquare (Source: Business Insider)


#6 Try not to fall asleep

If gaming is not your thing, startup companies also have a section of their office crafted out for relaxation. Need a space to retreat to in the midst of stressful work? These corners are capable of helping you to de-stress. Imagine resting on those comfortable cushions or bean bags you won’t normally find in offices. Caution: these cosy corners are highly sleep inducing!


Company: Anaplan (Source: Office Lovin)


#7 You are always seen here

Let’s not deny. Our favourite corner in the office is hands down the pantry! We often head there for some perk-me-up such as snack or coffee. Startup companies recognize the fact that a good pantry is essential in keeping people going at work. They have built pantries that resemble more like a well-stocked kitchen. It can even double up as a space for discussion. Food while working? Yes please!


Company: Quirky (Source: Office Snapshots)


#8 Be at one with nature

Offices can get really dull and boring, being filled with office furniture such as tables and chairs. Many of the startup companies spice up the look of its office by including an element of nature. They incorporated features such as green leaves placed on walls to create a more natural looking space. Research has repeatedly shown that the presence of office plants has a range of benefits including helping workers recover from demanding activities and lowering stress levels


Company: Playkot (Source: Office Snapshots)


#9 Adjust to your liking

Nope, I am not saying the lighting or the air-conditioning in your office. I am referring to a new kind of glass panel that allows you to adjust the degree of transparency. Startup companies have made use of this adjustable glass panel to create the look of a more open space (when turned transparent) or have more privacy (when turned opaque). Now, you just have to volunteer to be the one doing it!


Company: Whitepeak


#10 You won’t forget what your company is doing

Startup companies have done a lot to create a better working environment. They are even incorporating their company’s identity into the workspace to create an office that is uniquely 'them'. For example, Moment Cam in China is an app that turns a ‘selfie’ into a caricature.  To reflect the nature of their business, its office has been decorated with the same caricature image. You won’t forget what your company is doing, just take a look around you!


Company: Moment Cam (Source: Singapore designer, And lab)

The importance of a good office design cannot be stressed enough. Businessman and philanthropist, W Clement Stone even said: "we are the product of our environment." It has the ability to affect our mood, motivation, creativity and productivity !

Hence, startup companies often make use of these uncommon office designs to attract talents and to draw out the best in them. These creative office designs exude an identity of being ‘fun’, ‘young’ and ‘innovative’ which is the culture startups seek to create. In a world of changes, the only way to stay relevant is to have a young mindset – innovate and have fun! No wonder many companies, startup or not, are following the same idea and have no qualms investing in redecorating their offices.

Don’t we all wish we work at startup right now?

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